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Equipment, Manchester King's House Conference Centre

Our aim is to do everything we can to make your event run smoothly, from providing equipment, sometimes at short notice, to technical support. If we haven’t got it, we’ll either buy it or hire it in for you. Do contact us if you wish to discuss a bespoke solution.

We have a range of equipment available for a host of conferencing needs. Flipcharts and projector screens equip all rooms and are included in the room rates.

Laptops, Projectors and TV Displays

We have the following items, available for an extra charge across all of our rooms: LCD projectors laptops DVD players and PA systems. We also have wireless presenters, USB memory sticks and computer mice available to make things run smoothly. We work to ensure that conferences have solutions to match their needs. For bespoke AV solutions, please get in touch. Alongside our 3 powerful projectors, the Auditorium has 4 large LCD television displays to ensure that the speaker’s presentation can be seen across the room. With a powerful matrix, various input devices can be used and sent to specific displays on the stage or around the room.


Specialist equipment such as a conference telephone are available to hire, on request.

PA System

The Auditorium has a full professional, d&b audiotechnik PA system, complete with 24-channel digital mixing desk (Yamaha LS9), powerful amplifiers, ceiling-mounted speakers, stage foldback monitors and an array of both hand held, headset and lapel radio microphones. Towards the back of the large Auditorium space we have an extra array of speakers to ensure an even and clear spread of sound.

Stage Lighting

Our Auditorium boasts a powerful, predominantly LED, lighting setup with options for colour and brightness to set the right level of ambience for your event.

Wireless Internet

We are constantly investing in new and better equipment of all types and have recently installed a building-wide Wi-Fi network accessible to all conference users. We have a leased, superfast broadband connection.

Photocopying & Printing

We are able to assist with printing, scanning and photocopying before or on the day of your event.

Can’t recommend King’s House enough! Always wonderful service and the staff are so friendly and nice.

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