The Story Behind King's House

Foster's and Duncan Bakery in 1973. Since divided into a pub, night club, King's House and Manchester Islamic Centre.
Duncan and Foster's Bakery in 1973. The larger, rear working factory part of which is now King's House. Image taken from the Manchester Council Archives.

We are very proud to see King’s House developing into one of Manchester’s finest conference venues, but there has been a journey to get here!

We are actually more than just your standard business, we are a not for profit trading company of the charity King’s Church in Greater Manchester Ltd. As such, our profits actually feed into a number of fantastic initiatives including 3 homes for men who are suffering from homelessness in Manchester.

Here’s a quick look at how we got to where we are today.

  • 1930s

    Duncan and Foster's Bakery

    Initially, the building we now use was part of a bigger complex including the buildings either side of us. Behind the walls and floors, some features still remain from the original bakery such as loading bays and signs of previous industry.

  • 1980s

    Members of a Local Church Purchase the Building

    A small community of Christians come together and raise money to purchase the old bakery which is at that point out of use and in a state of disrepair. Members of that church each give time and resources to convert the premises into a place that can accommodate large meetings and offices for its staff. Staircases are built, floors are laid and new entrances are added, among many other improvements.

  • 1990s

    University Summer Exams

    Manchester Metropolitan University, just around the corner from the building, hire the space for their annual summer exams. This is the first real revenue and helps feed both into supporting the ministry of the church towards the City of Manchester, but also into the continued development and restoration of the building.

  • 2004

    Major Facelift

    A big investment into the remodelling of the entrance area of the building and a complete rebuilding of the Auditorium and a new roof! King's House is at this stage the heart of a vibrant multicultural church.

  • 2005

    "King's House" Branded and Launched

    The birth of the conference business proper, with a booking from the company one of our current employees worked for at the time.

  • 2010

    Trading Company of the Charity Launched

    As revenue begins to grow and grow, we see our investment into the building and the area return as repeated business, with more and more clients. At this stage we set up a separate trading company of the charity.

  • Now

    A Thriving Business, Feeding Profits into Changing Lives.

    We are continually amazed at how far King's House has come as an organisation, from what was once a small group of individuals investing into a run down old bakery. Today we are a part of something amazing in the City of Manchester - we help to support the work of King's Church, including three 'Homes of Hope' which provide a safe haven for men struggling with homelessness. Over the years we have been able to support communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo and India, give towards emergency crisis funds and much more. We are also proud to employ a growing number of staff who share our heart and desire both to do a fantastic job of serving our clients, but also of serving the people of Manchester and being a part of a business that truly gives back.

From the moment I arrived at King’s House, all the staff I encountered were very friendly and extremely helpful. When I asked for a late change to the room layout, King’s House was accommodating, when I asked for tea and coffee to be served a little earlier then scheduled King’s House were very accommodating.

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